The Extremes of Not Making Sense

Jan 06

Life has a funny way of messing with your head. Things will happen that will boggle even the sanest of individuals, leaving them bewildered. Now I’m not talking about the mysteries of the pyramids, the question of life outside of earth in the vast universe or even the legend of Bigfoot. I’m talking about members of the opposite sex. This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, just a combination of things I’ve noticed as I’ve been dating more lately and is largely satire and parody 🙂

Why do people say they want a relationship, only to rush sex? As a scorpio, I have a high libido and absolutely love and crave sex, but when you rush sex, it switches the focal aspect of a relationship. Sex because you care about someone, as opposed to sex because you desire someone can be a breaking point. It shifts things from emotional to pleasurable if it’s rushed and while there’s nothing wrong with pleasure, when you kill the emotional aspect, things can never last. And those that say they don’t want a hookup, only to turn things into a hookup… WTF?

Why do people jump to conclusions about someone without asking the simple questions? Why is someone that is out of a “real job” labeled content to stay home, instead of possibly having a reason for not working? When I was laid off, I went right back to school. I had worked for 25 years straight before being unemployed for the first time, and after going back to school and getting a degree, I had a grandparent that was sick and devoted most of my time to helping out family to alleviate the pressure some were under doing it all themselves. I never stopped looking for work, I completed a novel and got a short story published. Yes, my living conditions aren’t ideal at the moment, but “at the moment” isn’t permanently. But before I could even explain any of this, I was labeled “content to not look for work.” Overthinking is bad, and if you overthink someone else’s situation without discussing it with them at all, I don’t know what to say to you. I don’t want nor need someone to take care of me. I don’t borrow. I know there are guys out there that do take advantage of women and use them for every bit of their soul, but that isn’t me. Being tossed in that pile without a simple conversation is the second biggest WTF in this blog.

A strong relationship requires friendship. I know the friend zone was invented as a polite way of someone you had no attraction too, but when there’s a strong attraction and evident feelings there on both sides, it’s not the place to be. I could have understood if one side had a crush and the other felt nothing at all. To not be able to be alone together for fear of jumping their bones isn’t a sign of just friends. An attraction so strong you can’t trust yourself alone with someone is serious tension, not a sign of just friends.  I could have understood if opposites attract actually worked. Sure you always want someone that does some things different so you learn new things, but if you can’t do the things you love together, you’re still alone. I could understand if he understood your biggest passion in a way that no one else got, but a writer choosing someone that doesn’t even read books… *shakes head* I could understand if there was a single reason we couldn’t work, but if you plotted out a storybook romance, this would have been it. But the biggest WTF of all… he loves Mondays. That is the biggest dagger of all. Mondays? Really? Wake up, please?

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