My Thoughts of the Week

Oct 16

Here’s a few things that popped into my head this week.

It’s Ok to Disagree

I think people have forgotten that it’s ok to disagree. We live in a pluralist society where freedom of speech, religion and expression almost guarantee that people will have different ideas. Ideas are a good thing. I don’t need need to agree with everything everyone says. Not even my friends. (wait, do I have friends?)

I love to talk to people with different politics, beliefs and ideas about just about anything. Without that interaction, I’d be stuck in a bubble that never allowed my brain to process the possibilities of something that I didn’t think of myself. How boring would that be?

The internet has fostered a society where you are you ridiculed or flamed for thinking differently or disagreeing with what the loudest voices say. Even if the loudest are in the minority, they claim that it’s common sense. When someone has to proclaim something ¬†as common sense, they’re full of shit. Common sense isn’t very common anymore, because too often we think of the symptoms of a problem and not the cause. That’s why solutions are never longterm anymore. We just bandaid the issue and kick the can down the road.

I will disagree with people on guns. I will disagree with people on politics. And that’s ok. I won’t throw a hissy fit if you don’t agree. But disagreement doesn’t need to be disrespectful. The adults can have a conversation. The children will continue to troll.

Media Bias

The viewers and readers know it exist. The Media stations themselves know it exist. But they’re the only ones that deny it. If you want to point to what is bringing down journalism, that’s the issue. When you can’t be honest with yourself openly, no one else will respect you.

Journalism is supposed to be a watch on those in power. Tell the whole story, and let readers make up their minds. There are a few out there that still do this, but the majority push an agenda and look away when the party they support does something wrong. The story needs to be told, where it’s good or bad for the party in power. When the public sees the media giving those in power a pass, it loses trust or just loses interest. Why buy a newspaper when you’re only seeing ads in the form of news? Until news starts being the check on power that it’s supposed to regardless of who’s party is in power, it can’t and won’t be taken seriously.

The “Rules” of Writing

I’ve read them. I understand them. I disagree with a lot of them. I read constantly about how you have to do this, or you have to do that in order to be successful. Bobbycock! You have to know how to write, but you don’t have to follow a checklist for success. Success has no set path. Rules are meant to be and often are broken. But you do need to know them first.

By all means, read tips and guides and see how others are doing it. Let it give you ideas and make your own way. What works for one person may not work for you. You might need to do the complete opposite. Knowing the rules doesn’t mean you have to follow them.

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