The New Breed : The Prologue Chapter of my Nano Project..

Nov 04

He was panting as he ran through the dark pine tree filled forest. Each heavy stride he took slammed into the ground but the sound was quieted by the moist pine needles covering the ground. Each deep breath was erratic as he looked back in fear of what was hiding in the dark. He occasionally tripped over small rocks that littered the woods, or fallen limbs of dead trees.

He caught sight of the white shirt tied to a tree. He knew now he was only a mile out from town. He had setup the shirt system himself. Perimeter markers were laid out to guide scavengers through the pine lands. White was the mile perimeter, green was for two miles out, blue for three and red for five. He knew he was almost home and that gave him an inner drive to run a little harder. Much harder and faster than a man of his size would be assumed to be capable of.

He couldn’t see more than 10 feet in the darkness, but he knew they were out there. Occasional glimpses of bright red eyes appeared before vanishing again. The snap of a twig or rustle of leaves the only noises that rose above his panicked breath. The red eyes appeared on all sides of him except directly in front when they were visible.

Each time the eyes appeared he adjusted to avoid running directly into them. Whatever they were, he had to keep them at a distance. And it was working. They weren’t ¬†able to catch up to him yet and he judged himself to only be a few hundred yards out. He should have been able to see the lights. But they weren’t there. Instead he saw the tree with the shirt tied to it, except it was facing the other direction.

“That’s impossible,” he said. They had completely turned him around with their maneuvering. It was so slight that he hadn’t noticed until he saw the marker. Now they were between him and the town. And worse, he was now tired. “What are you?” he shouted.

In return for his question, he got a chorus of a deep and gurgling laughter. Five pair of the bright red eyes now glared continuously. They surrounded him but were still hidden by the darkness of this otherwise still night. He tried to head towards an opening in the circle of things, but they shifted to cover his escape. Time and again he tried and over and over they adjusted their positions. He had finally caught glimpse of his attackers and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“You’re not supposed to be able to do this,” he said. “You’re dead and rotting.”

The menacing laughter started again before they closed in on their prey. A piercing scream echoed through the woods before it was once again a silent night.



  1. It was a bit uncanny opening this and being encountered with your title. My very first attempt at writing something that wasn’t fanfic was a disjointed vampire novel when I was like 12 (that was really just an amalgamation of every vampire movie I’d seen), and it was the same title. Very weird…
    I think the pacing here is so well done, which I’m sure is partly your own talents (I have yet to read any of your other writing for which to draw a comparison) and I’m assuming the quick, fanatical nature of work produced for NaNoWriMo. This is my first year doing it and I’m seeing how entirely different and advantageous of a process it is. Your prologue here exemplifies the benefits of this event.
    Good job, John!

    • John Weeast /

      Thank you very much. And yes, I’ve had this plotted in my head for a year and half, and with the pace everything has jumped out at me so much easier. My characters want to do things so much differently than I planned lol.

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