Winter Doldrums

Dec 09

Eight inches of snow blanketed us last night. It was amazing just how beautiful the snow makes everything, but then I think about the 50 (yes 50) car accidents in my town because of it, I think of the irony and how it compares to my writing post Nano.

My brain is still in a haze after completing 50k words in 17 days. I still have to do rewrites, not to mention completely rework the ending of my story, but even that car wreck of an idea is surrounded by the serenity that I actually finished a novel. Ok, mostly finished, but don’t ruin my parade! Me, the guy who chose journalism as a major later in life–because writing is what I always felt I should be doing–but found that the politics of those short fact based stories were too predicated on who was telling the facts rather than the truth of them, just randomly chose to do fiction instead. Why? Because if I was going to lie, than at least I could have some fun with it. And that guy, finished a novel.

It’s utter crap at this moment, but it’s workable and will be hammered into a masterpiece. Ok, maybe just a hammered version of a masterpiece. Ok, a bludgeoned collection of words that are semi-legible.

I’ve got a few projects in the pipe that I’m working on with my writing group (yup, that happened) as well as some leads from the editor of the group that’s publishing my short story in their anthology. So while my brain might be trying to restart after being put through the motions of something done way too fast, the overall outlook on life is surprisingly serene. While it might feel like a depression or lull in my creativity, it’s really just the downtime necessary for those spring-time blooms to look so much more blossomy.


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