Emotions and Writing

Dec 16

I hate feelings. While they can be nice when things go well, they can be utterly debilitating when they don’t. Sometimes I can hide everything completely and don a smile with ease. Other times I feel completely exposed where even if others don’t notice the turmoil in my soul, I get self conscious and think everyone’s looking.

Usually after have a down experience, I can turn hard as stone and nothing effects me–nothing bad and unfortunately nothing good. I turn into a block of ice. It’s not depression or being a negative person since I don’t open up often. I’m usually happy, overly positive and maybe too naive most of the time. Maybe it is me becoming more cynical as I grow older, and when I do have good things happen and they go wrong, I adapt to block it out instead of expecting good to come of it.

Weirdly enough it’s during that in-between pain and ice, that I tend to do my best writing. My style and words seem to require emotions to reach the level that I’m happy with. It lets me put my soul onto the page in a way that doesn’t seem to happen when everything is at it’s best, or have a wall up. This doesn’t mean I can’t write when happy, but it still comes out differently. Maybe I require pain of some sort to really tap into the pure creativity. Or maybe I still haven’t learned to tap into the happy side of the emotion as well as I have the painful side.

Writing is emotions in words. Storytelling requires it in order to get a reader connected to the story. A struggle, a joy, a loss or love.

How about you? Does writing make you feel those emotions stronger than others? Does it make you tap into things you are uncomfortable with to bring out your best?

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