About John

John is… ok, who are we kidding here? I’m writing this, so I’m not going to jump into third person to tell you about myself. I’ve worked in many professions over the year trying to find my “place.” After spending eight years doing marketing and advertising (amongst many other things) at a golf course, I went back to college after the economy stole my wallet. I graduated with an AA in Digital Mass Media with a focus on journalism. While I love hard news stories that you can dig into, it’s the story itself that drives me. It’s the ultimate chase.

This blog will be my personal mumblings and ramblings about various things. I will vomit nonsense and spew wisdom, sometimes at the same time. I can shed a tear to a heartfelt moment, yet turn around and laugh at tragedy. My humor jumps around and it’s not intentionally offensive… well maybe sometimes it is. Stick around and laugh, cry or sing with me. Or just throw your profanity at me and I’ll take it with a smile.

Enjoy your stay!